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Plainride – Live im Drafthouse

17. Dezember 2021 @ 20:00 - 23:59



Uncounted shirts have ed their owners at the sound of Cologne‘s prime purveyors of Heavy Rock: Plainride, who long ago freed themselves from the scourge of upper body raiments, are on a vendetta against dry sweat glandsand the conformist regime set on keeping them that way. Their mission: Liberation by the electric guitar. Having planted the seed of rebellion in the hearts and minds of audiences at Wacken Open Air 2018 and a Fu Manchu show that one time, Plainride have now gathered such dangerous momentum, they’ve become anoutright threat to public safety. Lock your bathroom windows because these four heathens will stop at nothing to expose themselves to you. The Colognians released their sophomore album Life On Ares in Fall 2018, an endeavor fuelled by the ongoing and fruitful collaboration with Californian record label Ripple Music. “Without wanting to crank up the pathos all the way to 13, Ripple Music is probably the best Label a band like us could wish for,” as singer Max Rebel puts it.“Working with commander-in-chief Todd and the other bands has been so great and cordial, it’s hard to describe(Jesus, I sound like an insurance salesman).”

The above paragraph was from last year’s promo sheet. Ugh, boring! Here’s something new and fun: Havinggathered seven fellow Ripple bands from all over Europe for 2019’s inaugural Ripplefest Cologne, Plainridenow have their sights set on more distant shores: With a con rmation for next year’s Maryland Doom Fest in their sweat-drenched (and chronically empty) pockets, the band will board a means of transportation in the proximatefuture to then break fresh ground in the US in 2020. Fuck me sideways, that sounds rad! Plainride (that’s us) are psyched to also play at YOUR FESTIVAL (and / or venue) because we’re pretty good atit and live music is the best thing in the world.



17. Dezember 2021
20:00 - 23:59


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Hans-Albers-Platz 14
Hamburg, HH 20359 Deutschland
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