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Saturday, March 19th 2022 – Kieran Hilbert Band (D) feat. Phipu Gerber Gang (CH) – Drafthouse

Kieran Hilbert

After a creative break, Kieran comes back on stage with his band and new songs.

Kieran Hilbert (guitar & vocals)

Mark Eichenseher (guitar)

Thomas Wödl (bass)

Fabian Funk (drums)


You don’t have to describe the “blues wizard” Phillipp “Bluedög” Gerber, no, you have to see, hear and feel him! his way of working the strings of his guitar is legendary. Hardly anyone feels and senses the blues like he does, a man who can play the fine tones of the blues delicately softly, only to crank up the guitar violently and then explode! Hey is the man!!!