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Saturday, April 2nd 2022 – SIR REG – support BAD JOB BOYS

SIR REG is an energetic six piece band from Sweden, formed in 2009 by Irishman and
Singer Brendan Sheeny, who left his hometown Dublin for this reason – namely, to
to fulfill his dream of the greatest band ever Their songs leave nothing to be desired in terms of content
subject unspoken; from songs about modern society to how to
If you find the right bar on a Saturday evening, everything is included.

The lyrics combined with strong
melodies and explosive live shows enabled SIR REG to venture into the Celtic punk and rock
to make a name for the scene.

The band has already released 4 albums and on numerous
of Europe’s biggest stages, along with The Mahones, The Misfits, Thin Lizzy and The
Real McKenzies, confessed. Her latest release, The Underdogs (2018), is sitting down
lyrically in particular with the current challenges and struggles of the ordinary
Population apart: making their voice heard and counting their opinion while they
at the same time are busy with their soul and sense of the simple things in life
not to be lost – such as spending a Saturday night at the bar with your closest friends

Support: Bad Job Boys

Bodo – Guitar, Vocals
Frank D. – Lead Vocals
His Holiness Monseigneur Larsson – Drums, Vocals
Stefan – Bass

We are in spring 2020. Something is very different from normal. The air is clear, the sky is blue, the sun shines all day long without being interrupted by vapor trails from airplanes. The streets are empty, there is peaceful silence.
In the basement of his apartment near the Millerntor Stadium in St. Pauli, a man who is no longer quite young is sitting, banging chord after chord on the strings of his guitar. After days of isolation, he calls a good friend and from then on he sings to his chords – the loneliness is over.
When the city wakes up again months later, noise, dirt and darkness are back in their place, the two call a few long-time friends to their corona protection cellar.
It’s September 30th, 2020. Five not-so-young men who have previously been active in various bands (including Buttocks and Channel Rats) play their way through four songs for three hours. Time flies like it’s only an hour… It’s clear: There’s a new BAND!
After a few unplanned stops as a result of the C problem, the band, which had matured into a quartet, initially recorded a dozen songs for their first vinyl release at the end of 2021 and shortly afterwards celebrated their live premiere in Hamburg in front of around 100 invited guests in the 1910 Weinbar, below the Back straight of the Millerntor Stadium. Now for the second time on stage…