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MYSTIC BRAVES – Friday May 13th – live at Drafthouse Hamburg

Mystic Braves

Mystic Braves are entering the latest chapter in their already expansive career, embodying a decade of overflowing creativity like no other and native to Southern California. A creativity that ranges from the birth of Hollywood in the early 20th century to the new wave of street garage rock and through the ecstasy of the Paisley Underground’s pure 80’s pop.

And it is that they undoubtedly outperform this bunch of garage bands from all over the world who desperately imitate the ways of their outdated heroes. Mystic Braves are a clear example of authenticity in rock ‘n’ roll: their scruffy looks and carefree demeanor are genuine excesses of their personality and background, not rousing marketing tactics at all.

Mystic Braves’ albums are the best example of this legacy. In The Great Unknown (2018) they toned down their earlier experimental dalliances, shedding the exotic instrumentation of Days of Yesteryear (2015) and the fuzztone couplings of Desert Island (2014) and their 2013 debut album, and crafting unforgettable compositions with a classic . Not that the Braves gave up on the weird, but weird was just another color in their very prismatic color palette.

In the songs of Pacific Afterglow, his new album, we find a renewed concept of camaraderie. The energy is palpable in their songs and live performances, as supreme and natural as the no-frills pride that pervades their every move. Mystic Braves are ready to move on.

Doors: 20:00h
Show: 21:00h
Tickets: 18€ @