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GATOR, THE ALLIGATOR – Thursday, March 31st 2022 – live at the Drafthouse Hamburg

Gator, the Alligator appear in the prolific Barcelos scene as the epithet of garage rock that has not yet shown its real potential. With remarkable experience in other projects, it was in the latter that the found a shared identity, a comfort zone to see their music as a mean expressing themselves artistically. More than that, Gator, The Alligator is a party based on adrenaline and on the rebellious act of not asking permission to happen. In May 2018, the first reports of a new sound that emerged from Barcelos appear. Shameless rock to shake your hips, with urban hymns that reflect on what is most personal in the impersonality of a dead society eager to party. The map for “Life is Boring” was created, the band’s debut work released at the end of October 2018. And from then on everything changed. Invitation after invitation, Portugal began to witness the explosive concerts of the Barcelos based quartet that gradually became an echo in the national press. After a notorious participation in the Termómetro Festival, the band was distinguished as “Best Portuguese Live Act”, following the prophetic trail of some renowned names such as Ornatos Violeta, B Fachada or Noiserv, being awarded with a presence in the 2019 edition of Bons Sons where they were highlighted as a of the 10 concerts that were entitled to the festival. They had their first Euro Tour in February 2020 playing in Spain, France, Belgium and Portugal.
MYTHICAL SUPER BUBBLE is their second album!

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