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04.02.20 – The Franklys / Die Spams LIVE at Yoko Club!

Two Swedish and two English girls seam to be one of the most exciting new live acts.
The Franklys play psychedelic garage rock with a bit of the runaways, Led Zeppelin and Blondie. They combine dark and heavy riffs with stormy stage appearances.
Singer Jen Ahlkvist, guitarist Fanny Broberg, bassist Zoe Biggs and drummer Lexi Clark have toured extensively throughout the UK, Europe and the USA, including appearances at the Isle of Wight, download festivals and as support for Airbourne. In 2017 they released their debut album “Are You Listening?”

In 2018, The Franklys completed four European tours and released their new EP “Framed” in 2019.
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“The spams from Hamburg are the highlight on the garage beatpunk horizon!
Beyond kitsch, cuddly skirts and pleasing pop melodies, the boys kick straight into every butt! Finally a style that unites big city surfers and garage punk, beatniks and hipsters! The world could be so much better if only everyone would hear the spam …. Hey Ho let’s go! “